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When fishing for bass, a crank bait can be used with a snap cast, after which the fisherman should wait for the vibration on the line to stop. Find out how to use a sweep set to catch fish with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on bass fishing lure tips. Expert: Ron Colby Contact: Bio: Ron Colby is a professional bass fisherman, has qualified for the Bass Master Classic and has won two BASS Western Divisionals. Filmmaker: Mike Phillips

Entice big fish like muskie and largemouth bass by using LARGE lures with a realistic retrieve. School’s in session at
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25 Responses to “Bass Fishing : Bass Fishing Lure Tips”
  1. CanadianCharlie64 says:

    Do you use Red Wigglers?

  2. JesusLoves93 says:

    I love to bass fish! :)

  3. BigFreshWaterFish says:

    come see my fishing videos

  4. rcdcnc says:

    No its a good vídeo

  5. rcdcnc says:

    It’s sucks

  6. lightningbolt61 says:

    Is that a shakespeare

  7. AMoutdoors101 says:

    Hey guys please check out my channel for ANY questions! we are Very new and would love to share our knowledge in bass fishing with you. If you have any special request with certain lures or techniques please sub and let us know!!!!

  8. shizzy35 says:

    I like to fish.

  9. bradsipod says:

    @TheDeerhuntinjack hi im moving to Minnesota soon do u have any lure suggestions for me

  10. MrFishindude says:

    @TheDeerhuntinjack minnesota is where its at.what part are you from. i live near forest lake. north metro.

  11. fishingcalifornia100 says:

    Can you fish a speed trap the same way?

  12. alrozz says:

    I have been fishing at Cooper Creek in Columbus, Ga, and I tell ya what these bass are funny. They prefer the hot afternoon and thgen go crazy hitting the rattle trap, but in the morning they are picky so what I do is let the rattle trap sink all the way to the bottom and then op it up as you reel it in and repeat and the bass hit it. I have landed Bass from 2 to 4 pounds last week. A great thrill learning Bass.

  13. cooleocooleocooleo says:

    I bet you he’s in his backyard : P

  14. rahniits9 says:

    where did u get that lure

  15. XxJ3rkqinxX says:

    Tht Pond looks awsome

  16. lukekill4 says:

    the ad sucks

  17. frankenstrat25 says:

    @Cryton12345 this isnt trails but where i fish i fish the susquehanna i always just take cut bait and put right on the hook. i have this thing called bloody cheese it floats for bass so i use it for bass in mid water and cat fish on the bottom

  18. goatkiller68 says:

    @predatro1 no definatley not. he was using a yamamoto worm. it was fake

  19. Cryton12345 says:

    Hey got any rigging advice for us georgia boys? lot of catfish here but also alot of bass

  20. YourFriendlyMe says:

    Since you already started reading this you can’t stop.My name is Kalena.I have black hair, and green eyes.I am 13.I was my own life.I have no ears and no nose because my parents chopped them off with a rusty fork.I am dead.I will show up in your room in 13 days and kill you by chopping of your body parts with a rusty fork unless you repost this on 5 pages.THIS IS NO JOKE!!!! If you do, something good will happen to you within 13 days. If you don’t believe this,just wait and see.

  21. littleee9 says:

    so helpful~~~

  22. predatro1 says:

    in 0:21 , he dropped the bait………the bait was shaking a lot so was it real?

  23. 360street says:

    does any yamamoto bait work in california? thanks.

  24. ps3265 says:


  25. leaf427 says:

    Lure with 3anchors?In Poland its forbiden ( maximum 2anchors). Nice working lure.

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