Bass fishing baits

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Bass fishing baits

these are some great soft plastic baits to always have in your tackle box in order to catch as much fish as possible. covered are YUM baits, along with Berkley Powerbait, GYCB Senkos and various other hardbaits such as the Booyah chatterbait and Spinnerbaits/topwater baits.
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25 Responses to “Bass fishing baits”
  1. CanadianCharlie64 says:

    No red wigglers?

  2. j0hnxjxrambo says:

    Berkeley have new leak proof containers for the gulp alive. I just got mine today but since it’s air tight it’s kinda hard to open and close it that’s why when I close them I press it with my body just to make sure it is tight I lol…..but gulp is the best so far, i even caught a bunch of white bass this last spring.

  3. xXRyanXx58 says:

    @Fishingtips101 I have a question do you think plastic worms are the best bait for Largemouth Bass?

  4. MrHollisterguy24 says:

    What is a trailer jig

  5. Gutcheck789 says:

    what is a good trailer for a jig? inbox me please and thanks.

  6. Bluebuzzkidd says:

    @mrbassaddicto3 Negative, it’s not a chatterbait. Zman fishing calls their bladed swim jig a chatterbait, Booyah calls their bladed swim jig a Boogie Bait (and it’s junk), Strike King calls their bladed swim jig a Pure Poison, etc etc but whatever floats that boat just go with it.

  7. austenchurch says:

    Get a 6- 9″ yellow grub with curl tail, Have a 1/14oz. Jig head on and It works perfect for any type water! Fishing in Lincoln, Neb last night and Had 20 large mouth bass over a foot! Few crappie here and there but Grubs and long worms are the way to go in any water

  8. joshshea14 says:

    ive caught a 5.6 pound small mouth bass in ontario

  9. acmetrapper says:

    @HuskerFishing in my preference gary yamamotos suck. i like watermelon seed yum dingers

  10. backyardfishers says:

    hey cool vid check out my channel my vids r pretty good to

  11. Bluebuzzkidd says:

    The lure you referred to as a Chatterbait is actually a Booyah Boogie Bait. Chatterbait is made by Zman. They are considered to be vibrating jigs. Spro, Strike King, Zman, Phenix and others all make similar baits to these.

  12. HuskerFishing says:

    Never tried senkos, they’re just way too expensive when I can go to my local wal mart and buy 2 bags of dingers for the price of one bag of senkos, and one bag lasts me forever, even when I’m hooking bass like crazy. I won’t knock senkos because i’ve never tried them, and they have some really cool colors.

  13. bassmaster716 says:

    will u send me som gary yamamotos

  14. nolangreen says:

    Personally I like the yum dingers better than senkos

  15. ipodtouchguy951 says:

     also my alive mins rock and the yammomoto tear easy from my experinences

  16. ipodtouchguy951 says:

    @Fishingtips101 how do you fish grubs???

  17. modernwarfare456 says:

    Do you just flip the gary yamamotos across the bottom

  18. Youngman104 says:

    yo bro when you use tubes do you go with a tube jig or weedless hook?

  19. tooocewl4yu says:

    @TPSA4 i know i cant find it at basspro or their site!!!

  20. bassmaster785 says:

    hahahah dude wtf do i hearr beyonce in the backgroung ‘I AINT GOIN NOWERE’

  21. bassmaster785 says:

    if i subscribe would i winn sum

  22. mrHunterkid says:

    and that one bait is called a buzzbait

  23. mrHunterkid says:

    i do that same thing on the Mississippi river

  24. fishandlax4life says:

    where do you fish at?

  25. TPSA4 says:

    ok man where did u get the berkely gulp earthworm

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