Bank Fishing – Peacock Bass in Florida

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I am taking it back to the roots boys! This is how most of us fell in love with the sport of fishing. I wanted to show that it is not always about fast boats and expensive reels. Sometimes just catching a fish or two in your backyard is what it is all about! Tight Lines, Capt. Steve
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Peacock Bass - Florida Fishing Video

Florida bass fishing giant releases a new bassonline TV company video on the Florida Peacock Bass. While there are a few similar video’s none with the underwater footage, artificial lure technique or detail of this one. These peacock bass are caught all around South Florida, but are only in freshwater fisheries. Hope you enjoy!
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50 Responses to “Bank Fishing – Peacock Bass in Florida”
  1. 66SiK says:

    I wanna move to FL just for the fishing!

  2. TheShadowking49 says:

    where u fishing at

  3. 64notorious says:

    I just caught one today about 5 maybe 6 lbs on a crankbait, it fought pretty dam good.

  4. VenomAngler says:

    Nice video mate :-) Please check mine out too!

  5. blackei123 says:



    im visiting my aunt in pompano beach any suggestions on places to go bass fishin?

  7. print251 says:

    address pleez

  8. Dmoney0064 says:

    very easy to catch peacocks when they’re nesting/bedding due to their agressive behavior protecting their nest. You literally can use a plain ol’ open hook. When they aren’t nesting, Use lures that are shiny and fast. Good luck.

  9. dookiekong007 says:

    why was it pink?

  10. westvamp says:

    How I wish I got a backyard like that.

  11. pjo17 says:

    how do they get in florida

  12. HughMungus2k9 says:

    i hear peacock have made it up to west palm beach… diein to catch one…

  13. smcdonald86 says:


    If you drive to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale….sure

  14. MXZCharlie says:

    do you think i can go fisihing for these? i live about an hour south of clearwater

  15. bassmukiepwn says:


  16. cobraopts7 says:

    gees how many alien fish live in arizona

  17. smcdonald86 says:

    For peacocks I go with a bucktail style of a jig. They love bucktail!

  18. philly442 says:

    you ever use a lock and lure skirted jig with a black chunk?!

  19. carag001 says:

    That was sick Steve. I have been fishing this way since day 1. The only boat I have been on for peas is yours. Watch this nice pea I caught in a lake. You can see it actually striking the lure and all. 5*

  20. smcdonald86 says:

    those are bedding fish.

  21. SwEetSpOt954 says:

    i noticed a slow retrive a always thought its fast retrive for the peacocks

  22. smcdonald86 says:

    Thx guys! A little small Rebel crankbait.

  23. smcdonald86 says:

    Yep- just a pair of Oakley sunglasses

  24. fisherman0984 says:

    now that´s a good ideia
    the “polarization”!!!!!

    nice catch!!!!!!!

  25. lspimp21 says:

    nice vid i love the “polarvision” 5 *s what lure were you using ?

  26. floutdoorguy says:

    @SuperBassmaster111 Call the guides at 888-629-BASS and they can tell all the available trips and rates.

  27. floutdoorguy says:

    @peacockbass78 Rapala version works just fine, the color has a lot to do with the water color. I like a red, as we used in the show and a firetiger, at times a chrome blue works well.

  28. peacockbass78 says:

    tq for replied… what the Favorited color for peacock bass.
    here very hard to find berkely rattle bait…i always used rapala lure.

  29. floutdoorguy says:

    @peacockbass78 Berkely Rattle trap

  30. floutdoorguy says:

    Of coarse, we filmed several shows with them over the years. They seen copies of the shows to us for our use. We get to use theses as we wish, with in reason…this one has great footage, some of the best underwater stuff I have seen.
    Hope you enjoyed!

  31. fisherfanatic1 says:

    did you get permission from the NAFC to post this video

  32. C4FishingTeam says:

    Want to see big peacock bass??? Come check out our channel!!!!!

  33. peacockbass78 says:

    here also got peacock bass. but not interested on hard lure.

  34. peacockbass78 says:

    whT bait ae you using it?

  35. planbplanb001 says:

    we have pecock bass all around venezuela but here they are so mucj bigger!!!

  36. paulgordonca says:


  37. brettzker says:

    like “Aerojet Canal Bass Fishing” on facebook if youve ever fished it or want to learn more about the best bass fishing in miami.

  38. floutdoorguy says:

    @bassmukiepwn Peacock bass arr in many ways like largemouth, they want things different not always the same lure or same retrieve.

    Hard baits are the most productive, start with baits you can cover a lot of water with. Jerkbaits, rattle traps and of coarse top water plugs.

    Small swim-baits as well as small jigs will work when fish are located and you can target your cast.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

  39. bassmukiepwn says:

    what do you use for the p bass

  40. basher481 says:

    @kraziia haha same i have a lake in the back of my house in kendall as well, hmm wouldnt be surprised if its the same lake, is it near hammocks middle?

  41. jmsaxmantha2nd says:

    Yea ditto on that, I find that every peacock would only get meaner if you grab their bottom lip, i did it all the time 10 years ago as an amatuer.

  42. trujahmacan says:

    text me the location of where u r

  43. tillman40 says:

    Just caught my first Peacock in Palm Beach county on a bright blue/red/yellow rapalla. Only 3 pounds but it jumped out of the water..not bad for a cichlid.

  44. floutdoorguy says:

    Funny you ask that, most people don’t know that the best way to hold them is by there bellys and not the bottom lip.
    If you will just cradle the fish in the palm of your hand, in most cases they will just lay there while you take the hook out.

    Good luck and good fishing!

  45. kraziia says:

    I catch peacock bass everytime I fish here in my backyard lake. I live in Miami. Kendall area to be exact and the peacock are everywhere!! Not big like in Brazil but they’ll put up a good fight. I would like tips on how to hold them to take out the hook.. I always get hurt trying to hold them lol

  46. floutdoorguy says:

    We were using a variety of traps and tubes in this show. Most everything was made by Berkley, but any brand will work. It’s more about the technique!


  47. andyB305mia says:

    what lures were u guys using and which one the best

  48. imthetank3 says:

    i caught a 29 inch peacock basss that was 55881566151 pounds!

  49. tyonthefly says:

    5 stars from me! great vid… will the flordia pecocks bust a top water (wood chucker) like they use in the amazon? love it….
    —check out my fishn vids—

  50. Hardc0reTillIDie says:

    i caught a 19 pound peacock bass beautiful fish tugged felt like a rock awesome fish to fight

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