Avoiding a Fishing Pole Conundrum

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bass fishing poles
by Bekah Stargazing

Avoiding a Fishing Pole Conundrum

Article by VMT Singuillo

Just like other equipment that stem from a need or want, fishing rods have experienced an evolution. The poles used for fishing are no longer just sticks used to pluck out game from the water, but they have really become testament to the ability of people to design. As a result, there are different kinds of poles and the use of each one depends on what type of fish they were made for.

The bass rod is one of the most popular types of poles simply because bass is one of the most popular fish to catch. There is no shortage of bass-fishing tournaments held all across the country each year. Part of the reason for the bass’ popularity is that this type of fish is not an easy catch. They are crafty and put up a fight even if they have already taken the bait. Most fishermen like this challenge and thus go for these worthy opponents.

Given this, the bass fishing pole and the fishing reel have to be sturdy enough to withstand such a struggle. Since bass can come in many different sizes, the rods are also offered in various sizes. However, one thing unites these poles: they are all built to take on quite a beating. Poles specifically designed to catch bass are usually made out of fiberglass because they are more flexible. This flexibility makes it more apt to withstand the twisting and turning bass fish will most likely subject the pole to.

For those going fishing smaller game such as trout, the rods need not be as flexible as those used for bass. Consequently, the fishing reel also need not be as strong. Although a trout can grow to big sizes as well, this type of fish is relatively light and is not as exuberant as other fish. Most of the poles used for this kind of fishing are made out of graphite. Although this material is not as flexible a fiberglass, it does the job of catching trout.

Finally, crappie is a type of small fish that is popular among fishermen. Crappie fishing rods come in various lengths. The choice of its size largely depends on what the fisherman wants. A good rule of thumb to follow is to pick one that feels comfortable. Since the method of catching crappie is usually the jig, or snapping the rod up and down, the pole used should be light. Otherwise, the wrist may feel strained from the weight.

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