A Classic Bass Fishing Show

January 18, 2012 by  
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Floating jerkbaits are deadly when water temperatures are in the 50’s . Joe has a great time proving it in this show.
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18 Responses to “A Classic Bass Fishing Show”
  1. BassFisherman88 says:

    Those jerkbaits are the go to bait when water temps get low! gottu love it!

  2. Fishnwithjoe says:

    I like to use one that floats instead of sinking.

  3. HATINTHEKAT says:

    hey i found a rapala in my dads forgotten tackle box, its just like urs, its made of balsa wood, its pretty light, same shape and all with 3 trebles on it, how deep do i let it sink before i jerk retrieve it?
    plz and ty

  4. hawghunters says:

    Another great video!

  5. Fishnwithjoe says:

    Hey Doodles, I bet things are ready to get fired up for you. Can’t wait to see another one of those huge spotted bass shows you do. I was really surprised one day when the spots started blasting the same jerkbait as the smallmouth. Nothing like the ones you have there but, good ones for a places where we barely have any of them. You should give it a try sometime if they ever go shallow.

  6. Fishnwithjoe says:

    Bartle do. LOL

  7. Fishnwithjoe says:


  8. Fishnwithjoe says:

    Mark Hunt is the most awesomest camera man on the planet. I was catching so many one day I just said put down that camera and pick up that rod. You got to help me out. We were catching them at the same time and I told him to hold a couple up so I could film it. I thought it would be great to add in during the tackle log.

  9. lakaiguy17 says:

    good show very informative , i like when you talk about the bait your using that way i can check those baits out lol because i live in ohio too so its a lot of the same fishing, said it before ill say it again you gotta come up for the walleye run this year you wont be disappointed

  10. river3782 says:

    great fishing that day,who mark hunt?

    FatBoy Dan Fishing

  11. Yamaftw420 says:

    you see the malt likcy? stankalartum uh round stankalartum, with a bartle do and a crapmostank?

  12. robertmdmr2 says:

    Hey man I love these videos. Do you do any fishing from river shores?

  13. Winkiedoodles says:

    Nice river fishing! That little chrome and black jerk bait really does the trick doesn’t it! Can’t beat smallies for a great fight, too. See ya, Don.

  14. erickdircks says:

    Excellent piece of work!! Thank you very much for Sharing!!!!!

    What a way of meeting people and get to see their talent. At first was reluctant being on youtube, but getting to do this has brought me into the houses of some very special people. You are one of them. Life; isn’t it wonderful!!! Keep up the good work. Hope You Are Having A Splendid Day!!!!

    A New Friend

  15. Fishnwithjoe says:

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate the kind comments.

  16. Fishnwithjoe says:

    I’ve got so much fishing footage just waiting to be seen. I film for the show almost a year in advance. Many more shows to come. Thanks for watching.

  17. mrnfld says:

    good vid buddy keep it up

  18. xsammieftwx says:

    This video must be some old footage joe!
    great fishing though.

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