4 Florida Bass Fishing Tips

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4 Florida Bass Fishing Tips

Article by Daniel Eggertsen

Florida is a popular haunt for the vast majority of bass fishing enthusiasts that live within a couple of hours drive. There are many reasons for that.

Starting with the area itself, the weather is beautiful all year round and largely warmer than most other places in the country. As such, the bass are more active for longer, which of course lends to the fishing action. There is also a wide range of waters there, meaning that you can choose the heavy vegetation of the Everglades, light vegetation in the lakes or clear areas in local rivers. In short, you can make your Florida bass fishing experience exactly what you want it to be.

The popularity of the Florida lakes and general bass fishing action have led to people travelling there from all over the world just to fish and if you are one of the many then you are in for a treat. However, the following tips may just help you to get a handle on bass fishing in Florida and give you the edge over the fish so that you can increase your catch rate and enjoy your full experience.

First, fish the current. This is actually important no matter where you go bass fishing but especially in Florida where the bodies of water are huge and you may need a break when trying to find the bass from time to time. Fishing the current is important because it brings in cooler, more oxygenated water, which of course provides bass with better conditions for not only floating around the waters but also for feeding.

The currents movements are tracked by baitfish, schools of which usually congregate around areas of current. If you already have a natural bait in the water then the likelihood is that your lure will blend in nicely and attract more bass in the process. Use nature to your advantage!

Second, pack a few plastic worms! Plastic worms are perhaps the best baits to use in the Florida lakes because they suit all conditions that are present. They glide through vegetation effortlessly because they are weedless but also blend in well with baitfish and other natural bass prey. As such, they can attract bass and fit in around the conditions within the lakes so that you get everything you need in one small package. They are so versatile that you can really use them to your advantage!Third, go for the submerged vegetation. No matter what the weather is like, the sheer weight of submerged vegetation in Florida is immense and provides a haven for bass. They love to head into it when the temperature drops and when the sun is too high. As such, you can take full advantage by fishing directly in those areas.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best bass fishing information possible. Get more information on Florida bass fishing here: http://www.askbassfishing.com/

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